During the last few updates that came for League of Legends it has become increasingly important for a player to have atleast a minimum amount of League of Legends RP to spend. For the beginners this is also referred to as Riot Points and it’s used to purchase all kind of extra options in the Riot Store. But why is it more important now than it was before? Well in our last blog you can read about the latest changes that were made to the Riot Store. And in here we also discussed the new mastery level system.

If you like to play a certain champion, you will gain mastery points which will increase the mastery rating you have on that specific champion. Once you reach a certain amount of points you will get mastery level number 5. By clicking on Control + 6 inside your League of Legends Ranked or Normal game. you will show an in-game icon above your character, to show that you are an experienced player with the specific champion. By playing well in games in getting awarded with a master rating of -S you will get a token for your champion. Once you’ve gathered 2 tokens with your mastery level 6 you will be able to upgrade your champion to a new specific in-game icon, the icon also shows in the loading screen on the left top of your character.

League of Legends RP and crafting

However, the point is that in order to upgrade to the next mastery level you can actually use three specific items: Champion Shard, Champion permanent, or an amount of Blue Essence. You can get one of these items without spending RP. However, this will take you ages and Riot probably designed it to be this way. The mastery level in-game icon is a awesome new feature and it definitely helps to show that you have been playing a champion for a while. But it’s almost impossible to get by simply playing game after game. Even though you are rewarded with chests and keys when you play a  decent game. It’s still very difficult to save up for shards to make sure that you can upgrade to the following mastery level.

Therefore we argue in this article that Riot Points have become increasingly important for the League of Legends Game. If you are looking for an upgrade in your mastery level you will need it. Therefore, I would recommend all games with the prospect of getting the level 7 Mastery level to have atleast around 2000 League of Legends RP at hand just to make sure that it won’t take you ages to upgrade your champion to the next mastery level. It works as follows. Buy chests and keys with the RP you have stored on your LoL account. Once you have saved up for enough champions you should start disenchanting them in order to receive the blue essence. Just watch how much you need for your specific mastery level upgrade. And disenchant champions in the crafting and loot mechanism until you have enough blue essence. Now simply upgrade and you are done!