The creators of the most popular Moba-game at this time recently released new figures, published in an interview with Polygon. In the interview Riot Games showed that League of Legends is monthly played by over 100 million people worldwide. This means that more than 1% of the world’s population is playing League of Legends. Which makes it the most played game available at this moment.

Riot Games hasn’t been publishing player numbers over time, because they find it meaningless. They rather spend their time having contact with all the fans who play League of legends and see a stadium full of dedicated fans ready to enjoy the game. The creators expressed that the high number of dedicated lol players feels unreal to them. They had never expected that it would be such a great success. Becks told the following thing about this to Polygon:

It is difficult to grasp; the success feels unreal. The coolest events are still the major live events where we get to meet the fans. Only there, it becomes reality how big the game actually is. Because the whole arena is filled with people who came there to watch our game. The rest are just numbers on a screen.

The makers of League of Legends also gave a detailed elaboration on their plans for the future. It’s not a secret that Riot Games has more than a thousand people employed and owns a huge campus where they are not just working on League of Legends. Riot Games will certainly look beyond League of Legends, but for now it remains the most important game for the developer. Just as they deliberately chose to support one game for the past ten years instead of launching a League of Legends 2.

League of Legends has been able to get such a high amount of fans, because they are offering a free to game play. But this raises the question: how do they make money? Well just like many other games they implemented the Riot Store. In this store players can buy all kind of items that are relevent to the game. This can be acquired by playing a lot of games. However, you can also buy in-game Riot Points for real money. As a player this will give you direct access to a champion or skin you want. Rather than saving for it during your games. The sale of Riot Points is the main income provider for LoL.

In 2014 Riot Games last announced how many active players they had at that time, there were 67 million.