With the frequent League of Legends updates. It becomes evident that tactics and strategies are changing in a fast pace. Therefore, it becomes a continuous journey for LoL players, to find out which set-up is best. Today we will provide an update on the best possible duo bot lane combination for 2017. Moreover, we will explain the spell rotation that can be used to make an instant kill. We must warn you, when this set-up is implemented correctly. Nobody will be able to beat you. Obviously, it matters how you control, position and spell rotate with your champion. This blog will teach you how you can perform a five seconds stun. Leaving enough time to nuke the opponents ADC (Attack Damage Carry).

Select the best champions for duo bot lane

The first thing you should consider, is the combination of champions you will use on the bot lane. Obviously, I already selected the champions that are needed for this composition. The set-up exists out of Kalista and Leona. If you haven’t already purchased these champions please do so.  Don’t forget that you will only have to buy one of these champions. Because usually you either fill the support or adc role. Of course, you can switch roles with your team mate. But I wouldn’t recommend to do this in a ranked game.

The spell rotation of Kalista and Leona

As previously mentioned, you can perform a stun of approximately 5 seconds. The combinations can be used in a different spell rotation. But I would recommend you to follow the indicated one first. Just until you get the hang of it. Our personal advice would be: don’t try to many things at the same time. Stick with the sequence of abilities we indicate here. And read the description of the abilities carefully. This way you know exactly what is happening each time you cast the next ability.

The rotation in-depth

The rotation of spells is performed in the following way. You start off with the Ultimate of Kalista (Fate’s Call) which has an incredible range. This will make Leona invulnerable for incoming damage. Leona will have to launch Fate’s call at the designated target and cast W (Eclipse) simultaneously. Obviously, this would be the ADC. In some cases it might happen that you focus the support. The supports you should focus are Lulu, Soraka or Karma. In fact, you should focus any support that carries the ability to out heal or shield an adc.

Now that the opponent is stunned, you should perform a follow up stun. This is done with the Q of Leona. Also referred to as Shield of Daybreak. The next spell you should cast is the ultimate called Solar Flare. To clarify, the ultimate should be casted right on top of your opponent to stun him. If the opponent isn’t located in the inner circle, he will only get slowed down. By this time Eclipse will explode and provide some additional damage. While Kalista has been damaging the opponent throughout the process. Sometimes it occurs that your target has been able to cast his flash. In this case Leona will use Zenith Blade to catch up. Moreover, Zenith Blade can also be used to do add an extra stun. When the rotation is finished your opponent should be dead. This will leave approximately five seconds of Cooldown. Before Leona can recast its E and Q to get a hold of the remaining champion.

How to play Leona as a proffesional

A few things you should consider as Leona. First of all, the timing of your Eclipse is very important. The reduced damage, and the additional damage to your opponent are immense. Therefore, Eclipse should be casted when the damage increases. In fact, go in from long distance, this will leave you as the only focus. Zenith Blade is used to inflict the damage on your target when out of range. Followed up by an Instant stun of Shield of Daybreak. Now it’s time for creativity. Because Kalista can cast Fate’s Call for the next stun. Leaving Leona’s ultimate for the long range stun when the opponent is running away. Obviously, your engages can be countered by the enemy jungle. Therefore, you must ward the river at all time. Both champions should bring a pink ward at all time. This way you will always maintain in control over your lane.

How to Play Kalista as professional

The main task of Kalista is to inflict as much damage as possible. While the five seconds stun rotation is active. This is done by stacking the passive of the E (Rend) and activating it with as many stacks of Rend as possible. In addition you should cast your Q (Pierce) as soon as it gets off cooldown. Further, it is important to know that you can also use Fate’s call to save your support from dying. When you see that Leona has low health. And your ultimate is active, don’t hesitate to save your brother. During the rotation, it might happen that Kalista is the target. Of course, its difficult for the enemy to deal a lot of damage when the ADC can’t cast. But when you focus the support, Kalista must dodge the enemy damage with the jump after each basic attack.

Time to try out the best Support and ADC combination.

We play League of Legends on a frequent basis. At this moment we are active in the Diamond League. Of course, we had a lot of practice with the five seconds stun combination. However, it has proven to be very effective. Thus, if you want to destroy the bot lane. We would definitely recommend you to try this one out.

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