League of Legends gameplay tips

How to become a better League of Legends player?

Some League of Legends players are stuck in the Bronze League. If you are in, you probably know the feeling. The lol players around you are doing crazy things, feeding, afk, flaming and anything that makes you think: Why do I even play this game? Well, these days are over because with our League of Legends gameplay guide, you can maintain a steady and controllable gameplay to boost your own ass out of the Bronze Leagues. In fact, once you enter the silver or even the gold leagues, the game will become better. You will get matched with skilled players, who know how to play the game. Moreover, you won’t be faced by players who start raging and feed the whole enemy team and afterwards start flaming you. Because, in their mind it is your fault their team lost. Obviously, this is something that every dedicated League of Legends player is hoping for. Leaving the noobies behind, and start playing the game with the real dawgs. We will explain some basic tips you should implement to make sure that you can leave this terrible place behind you. 

How to get out of the bronze League?

It is evident, that getting out of the bronze leagues isn’t as simple as we all might think. You will need to show that you are a considerable better player than the others you are qued with. This objective can be reached by implementing some simple tricks and mechanics that will help you to carry most of the games by yourself. You won’t need any other players. Instead, you will make sure that you can carry the game by yourself. Obviously, you can’t carry the whole game if you are a support. You will need a lot of damage, or damage combined with tankiness. Therefore, you should pick a top lane champion, mid lane champion or jungle lane. In order to carry a game by yourself. Pick on of these spots and make sure that you are only playing this specific lane. Increase your skills and mechanics and make sure that you advance compared to the rest of the players in the Bronze League. Of course, it will happen that you are still losing games. Sometimes it just happens that you are qued in game with some big feeder who die frequently. These games should be ignored and focus on the games that you can win. This mind set is really important to get out of the lower leagues in League of Legends. 

The basics to advance in the Bronze League in lol!

If you implement all the tips and tricks we summed up below into your gameplay. We are pretty sure that you will manage to boost lol account all the way up to the Gold Leagues. Afterwards, you will need to implement other tips that we don’t explain here. In League of Legends, you can’t simply buy a lot of Riot Points to boost yourself to the top. Therefore, you should work on your own gameplay in order to improve your rankings. 

#1 Keep vision control on your own lane

Remaining in control of the map with vision control is one of most important factors to become a better League of Legends player. In fact, you will be ganked by the enemy jungler if you don’t maintain vision. The worst thing is that you won’t even see it coming. However, when you have great vision control. You will see the jungler coming way before they are close enough to actually damage you. This holds that the enemy jungler has wasted his precious farming time, by coming all the way to your lane. Without being reward by a kill. Therefore, you should always buy your ward trinket at the start. It doesn’t matter on which lane you start. Always make sure that you have placed a ward in the bush when you push your lane. The bush in the river is best spot to see an enemy gank coming on every lane. When you notice, that the lanes are being pushed. Make sure to purchase a pink ward. This will make sure that you won’t have to revisit the bush after the cooldown of the ward has gone off. Because, pink wards will stay until they are destroyed by your opponent. 

#2 Continously last hit to farm gold

Even though it sounds obvious. We notice that a lot of bronze players simply don’t know how to last hit. By doing a last hit on the creeps in your lane you can stack a lot of gold. Gold is needed to purchase items that increases the strength of your champion. Therefore, you should make sure that you are always last hitting the creeps on your lane. If you are being outfarmed by your opponent. The chances are high, that he can purchase way better items than you do. And will destroy you half way the game. Even if you were so smart the counter your enemy pick. If you are having issues with last hitting, simply start a custom game and practice there. 

#3 Use the right Talent Tree and Runes.

This must be one of the easiest, and most important factors to consider. Every single champion is excerised at best with a specific set of Runes and mastery tree. If you are an ADC you should make sure that your runes are focused on AD. And that your talent tree is designed in such a way, that it will provide you with more damage and attack speed. However, if you are a AP mid. You would rather focus on Ability power and Magic penetration. Obviously, you don’t have to guess what is good for your champion. On websites like Mobafire and Lolking you can find the exact right build for your champion. Just make sure, that you always bring the right runes and masteries before you enter a game. This will highly increase your chances to win. Especially, if your opponent didn’t configure it correctly. 

#4 Purchase the right items for your champion

Every single champion requires its own unique set of items to improve damage, defense and mobility. The items each champion requires can be found on Mobafire and Lol King. If you aren’t an experienced player yet, make sure that you follow the online guides precisely, until you understand the reasoning behind it. There are some simple rules to follow. For example, when your opponent does a lot of AD based damage, make sure to stack armor items. However when your opponent does mostly AP damage, make sure to stack magic resistance. Obviously, you could also decide to stack a lot of damage. This can be done when you know that you have the spike ready to burst your enemy in a few seconds. Moreover when your enemy has a lot of crowd control, you will purchase items that reduce the time of Crowd control, and example would be mobility boots. The items you purchase are always dependent on the choices your enemy make. Thus, if the enemy team is full ad, it might be good to stack armor with your team. Always consider the choices of your opponent, while deciding for the optimal item to purchase. 

#5 Pick one or two champions to master

It is very difficult to master all the champions in the game, since their is a wide varation to select from. We would advice you to select on lane, and master the abilities and mechanics of this champion. Make sure that you pick a champion that is well known to carry. You can select the right champion by searching for the top tier champions on google. Here, you will find a list of champions that are known to be very powerfull in the recent patch. For example, when you are a top laner: Pantheon, Riven, Rumble, Fiora and Vladimir could be great picks to carry. 

#6 Watch the champion spotlight of each single champion.

League of Legends has a lot of different champions in the game. Even though some are played more often than others it is a must to know the abilities of each single champion. On youtube you can simply fill in “Fiora champion spotlight”. Here, you will find short videos of up too five minutes. Where the abilities and strengths and weaknesses of every single pick are explained.