Our Story


Hello everyone and welcome to the story behind this great League of Legends Giveaway. Just like you, the RP generator Giveaway Tool  is created by and for dedicated League of Legends players. We have been playing the game for a long time right now. And we know how hard it is, to save enough IP for a new champion.

After all those time you have spent to finish the normal games and reach lvl 30. You are finally allowed to join the ranked games. Unforunately, your account doesn’t have enough champions yet. To guarrantee a good position in the top, mid and bot lane. Mostly, because all of the powerfull characters cost 6300 IP. People start flaming you. Because, this happens a lot during the ranked games. And, you are in real need of a quick way to get more picks.

If you can afford too, you can simply get it yourself. However, if you can’t afford it. You will need some help from our tool. Let’s cut to the chase. There is no guarrantee that you will win, because we provide a giveaway. There is however, a high chance that you can win a Riot Points Code. You can simply enter the tool on our homepage and select the value you need. Remember, you are not the only one using it. So don’t exploit it otherwise you get banned. Yes, we can do that.

Our system is a simple distribution of cards we have received from our sponsors. Obviously, the amount we can provide is limited. For this reason, we are randomly distributing them among our users. In our vision, every single League of Legends player should be able to get its fair share of this great giveaway. There is no need to search on Facebook or other social media networks. You can come and visit us every single day, and try it again.

Follow these steps to participate in the RP giveaway


Visit the home page and enter the RP Generator Giveaway Tool.

Select the card for which you would like to participate

Click on the “start button”.

Wait for the system to validate your request

Once it is done, you will be redirected to a code, or to the ‘bad luck you weren’t selected’ page

If a code appears, you can unlock it straight away

Now visit the Riot Store

Redeem the code as a Prepaid League of Legends card.