Free Riot Points Vouchers Giveaway 2017

Every League of Legends players needs Free Riot Points at least once in their life. Here, on we support our fellow summoners by providing you with a chance to get Instantly retrieved Riot Points codes for free. Once redeemed in the Riot Store, this will enable you to purchase in-game skins, champions, ward skins, bundles and many more features available in lol. 


Safe in use

We don’t keep logs on your personal information. Therefore, our service is safe to use for anybody. No worries about your privacy.


We only provide Free RP  Codes. The vouchers themselves are anonymous, because it doesn’t require a name holder.


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Yes, we aren’t joking. The RP Generator is can be used off charge and is completely free.

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Free Riot Points Codes, why would I use it?

Riot Games is the developer of the League of Legends Game. The developers are well known for their extraordinary and astonishing new approach in the gaming market. They were the first, to introduce a game which is free to play combined with Riot Points Codes to complete micro transactions. Yes, it is definitely not a joke. Anyone can download lol and enjoy the game without spending any money on it.

This strategy combined with the great gameplay that is offered, must be the reason why the game is played by over 100 million people at this time. This holds that 1% of the total population is attracted to this game. Obviously, no game is developed to make absolutely no money on it. Therefore, microtransactions and free rp codes play a big part in this game. Micro transactions are purchases you can make in-game. It’s not a requirement to battle with the top players in the game, but the RP Code does offer additional benefits to enhance the gaming experience.

Hextech chests and keys in lol

The features to get with Free Riot Points.

RP Codes are used to complete transactions in the Riot Store. These can be used to buy additional items for your crafting mechanism. For example, hextech chests & keys and many more. By opening chests you can win obtain legendary and epic skins, unlock champions. Moreover, you can add IP and EXP boosts to your account to increase the pace in which you reach the maximum level (30).

Riot Points Codes is a recently introduced payment method that provided a doorway between the digital and physical world. Usually, you must visit a store to become the proud owner of new products. The code can be used to upgrade your digital wallet with money, allowing the option to complete online purchases and obtain the previous mentioned benefits.

RP generator and the giveaway function.

The RP Generator is created to offer a feasible and valuable solution for people who are looking for Free RP. As the name already indicates, it is a giveaway. Therefore, you are not sure of receiving your free lol voucher. In fact, you will automatically participate when you enter the Riot Points Generator. You can simply start the generation process, and the system will automatically notify you whether you are selected as the winner of a free rp code. Once finished, there will either appear a code for you to unlock, or you will be notified that you weren’t selected as the winner. This holds, that we aren’t following the traditional method where you will need to wait for weeks before you receive the final word.

Free Riot Points
Free rp

How to get Free RP?

While the world is becoming increasingly globalized around us. We notice that the world is changing in a rapid pace. Online shopping is becoming the topic of the day. And the only thing we can do, is adapt to the changes that are taking place. Grasping all the potential benefits of the new developed technologies.

Riot games introduced League of Legends in an advanced stage of the technological developments. Therefore it doesn’t work with digital copies and every single product, just like free riot points codes  is online available. In order to complete online purchases in the Riot Store you need a Riot Points Voucher. The code holds a certain value and is used to convert cash into RP lol to purchase items in the Riot Store.

We must mention, that Riot Points Codes aren’t available for free in the store. And a considerable one-time investment should be made to acquire the in-game currency. This in itself sounds fair and convenient. However, some gamers don’t have money left to spend on Riot Points. Even though they are more than happy when they can spend it on the items they want so badly. For those people who are search for a way to get it for free, the RP generator offers a feasible solution.

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Other solutions to get Free RP Codes.

The internet has been overthrown by websites who claim to offer free riot points. But hardly any of them actually deliver what is promised. In order to make sure that you won’t fall for such scams. We developed a list of feasible methods you can use to actually acquire your free rp lol. We have tried and tested all these methods to make sure that you won’t be wasting your time. On something that isn’t worth it.

One of the best options to receive Free RP Codes is the Bing Reward System. Here, you will receive points by simply using their search engine. The points can be used to claim your reward without spending real money. Other possible methods to use are: Apptrailers, Lockerz and Swagbucks. The actions taken are very diverse across these different solutions. But in the end, you will receive your free rp without spending a penny out of your wallet. Moreover, all the solutions offered above, are recognized and fair brands. There is no risk of installing malware on your computer. And you will always be rewarded with a free riot points for your effort!

Riot Points alternative

Final tips to get Free LoL RP and more

If you are not just looking for free lol rp, but you would also like to improve your gameplay. You can read all the handy tips and tricks we provide in our blogs. These will answer the question: How to become a better player in League of Legends.

The reward systems offer a second option when you aren’t selected by the automatic giveaway of the RP Generator 2017. Obviously, you can revisit our site every day to have a second try to win free rp. But if you are on a mission. And you want to acquire all the possible champions and skins available in League of Legends. The previous mentioned solutions can help you to get more Free Riot Points.